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It's sooo good! > Recipes > Dobosh

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Dobosh (Hungarian chocolate layer cake)

I'll tell you what you can put there :
  • chocolate!
  • Spices: ... to taste
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Dobosh is one of the most delicious things you will ever taste. Ever.

I'll tell you what you can do:

coming soon!

Coming soon


Spice = sooo good!

Best of luck,


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Jess writes: (03 Feb 2015, 14:48)
Dear Moti, Please may we have the recipe for dobosh? Also, I've tried the link to your recipe book but it doesn't go to it? And please may we have a "print" button so we can print the recipes to cook them? :) Many thanks!
Ellen writes: (08 Jul 2010, 17:55)
Dear Moti,
I am from south Louisiana and everything there is dobosh but I did not know it was German. Can't wait for the recipe!!!

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