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It's sooo good! Moti's Middle-Eastern fusion cuisine. He'll tell you what you can do. And you'll like it!

Biography of a Cooking and Entertainment Legend


For over half a century Mordehai Zadik, known to his friends and viewers simply as "Moti", has been cooking, giving advice, and entertaining audiences—often at the same time. His endearing catch phrases, like I'll tell you what you can do... reveal both his generous and socially-aware demeanor. Moti is perhaps best known for his trademark Sooo good! stamp of approval, complete with its double-bobbed okay hand gesture. Even Moti's granddaughter, the much beloved Hazel Zadik, age 3, has adopted the family moniker (See here).

Podcast audiences have become enamored with this charismatic figure who both teaches and entertains with equal facility. His cooking is influenced by his Jewish-Iraqi ancestry, as well as a deep appreciation for 'picante' foods, lemongrass, and cilantro. Moti's food is, simply put, in a class all it's own. The only thing everyone can agree on is that it's "sooo good!"

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Moti Zadik — "It's sooo good!"

The web's most personality-driven and delicious video podcast. Invite Moti into your home and he just may never leave.

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He'll tell you what you can do:

Iraqi Food Recipes
Fusion recipes with so many different ingredients, it will leave you wondering what planet this food comes from.

Medical Advice
The only doctor on the web who can diagnose your problems by e-mail. Not only will he tell you what you can do, he'll even tell you what you should have done.

Q & A: Life Advice
Why solve your own problems your way? Moti can "tell you what you can do..."

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