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Medical Advice from Moti himself

Each week Dr. Mo answers questions from dedicated readers.

Kay from Virginia writes:
Q: Dear Moti, Is there any kind of natural treatment for LDL? I have been on 40mg of lipitor but creating side effects. I tried other statins but did not work either. Thank you.

A: Cholesterol treatments are something that should always be consulted with your doctor. Only your doctor and you together can decide what kind of medication (if any) is right for you. As far as diet, consider eating more foods rich in niacin or adding it as a vitamin. Start with 100 mg 3 times a day. This is not substitute for your medication, but a way to reduce the dose of lipitor needed. A high fiber, low cholesterol diet as well as exercise are musts for good control. Try a tabouli salad! -Moti


Palmer Shaw writes:
Q: Dear Moti, I am 67. I often awake with a headache and sometimes, especially in extreme heat, I can get a headache any time. I noticed they are more frequent since my daughter died in February. I have a healthy diet, eating lots of fresh vegetables and some fruit. I don't like to take pain killers because of the side effects.

A: First of all, every case of chronic headache should be evaluated by family doctor or neurologist to rule out serious causes. No one likes taking pain killers, and the death of a loved one certainly can aggravate any condition. Often minor aches can be relieved by getting more rest and drinking liquids. However, if the symptoms continue you really should see a physician. In the meantime, try one of my delicious recipes. My sour cherry strudel is certain to put a smile on your face! -Moti


Angela from San Diego, CA writes:
Q: Dear Moti, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis three years ago, when I fractured both my hips (and actually broke my left hip) at the age of 39. A bone scan showed 28% bone loss. I have been taking Fosamax weekly and calcium and multivitamins daily ever since. My most recent bone scan showed progress, so I thought everything was "sooo good." Then, about five months ago, I fractured my right femur. I have been using crutches since December, but it's February and the fracture has not healed. I am so discouraged. Could it be my diet? P.S. I was eating soy protein bars before the first set of fractures, and drinking soy milk before the most recent set. -Angela

A: It will be a good idea for you to see a registered dietician. Taking calcium with orange juice and dividing the calcium dose to no more than 500 mg will help absorption. There is a lot of information on the subject on the Internet. But your own doctor will be able to investigate why you are prone to bone fracture. It might be an underlying problem, genetic or something else. In the meantime, try one of my healthy recipes. You need a treat! -Moti


Veni writes:
Q: Dear Moti, Can you explain to me how salmonella gets into hummus? I thought the bacteria is only in meat, not in pulses. Thank you. Regards, Veni.

A: Salmonella can grow in many types of food, not only meat. It usually gets there through cross-contamination, for example when juices from raw meat or poultry come in contact with other foods, such as vegetables and salads. Clean hands are the best way to prevent it! Hygiene is sooo good!-Moti


Emma from the Internet writes:
Q: Dear Moti, Are you a doctor? I have an obscure pain and I wanted a new stomach. Is there a place I can buy one? And maybe a new right eye. Thanks a bunch! Emma

A: Yes, I am a doctor. It seems you have a psychological disorder that makes you feel phantom pains in your bowels and that hinders your ocular function. My advice is to seek psychological help. In the meantime, try my delicious shakshuka recipe! Take care. -Moti


Marko P. from Tustin, CA writes:
Q: Dear Moti, Since I have two kidneys I was wondering how much I can get for one of them. I was also wondering the same for my other lung, but only the smaller one. I need the big one for things like jogging and scuba diving. Does Kaiser have an organ bank where I can make some easy money? Thank you, Quick Cash Man

A: I know that Kaiser prefers generic forms of organs that come from India and Far East. They are cheap. Take care. -Moti


Hazel Z. from Palo Alto, CA writes:
Q: My knee has an ow-wee.

A: Well, Hazel, first of all, that is not a question. It sounds like you have been subject to abuse by a caretaker or peer. Though I do not abdicate violence, so is the way of the world. Many thanks for your inquiry. -Moti


Albert Q. from Santa Fe, NM writes:
Q: I tried your hummus recipe, and first off, let me say that it's "sooo good!" The pepperocini juice is an amazing secret! I'm left wondering, however, is there any difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?

A: In Iraq they used to make pita bread fresh every morning. They have an oven that is made of clay and they throw the dough onto it, and it sticks. When the dough starts to peel off, then it is ready and they pull it out. Sooo good! Garbanzos and chickpeas are identical, while one is derived from British English and the other from Spanish. I'll tell you what you can do: buy a dictionary. -Moti


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