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About Moti's Recipes

The Iraqi food recipes here are based on the authentic recipes of Moti's grandmother, who lived in both Iraq and Israel. She cooked up authentic sambusac, hummus, tabouli, and all the most delicious meat and vegetarian Iraqi dishes you can imagine. Other recipes listed here are influenced by the decades Moti has spent in the United States, quickly learning to appreciate new cuisines like Mexican and Chinese.

We're adding more Old and New world recipes all the time. If you have a specific request, please write!

A note about spice:

Moti loves spicy food! You'll notice that all the recipes can be made spicy if you like, or not at all if you can't stand the heat. You'll also see that, although the recipes give specific quantities for the main ingredients, spices are simply listed. This is because spice is a matter of taste. You've got to experiment with your own cooking if you want it to taste sooo good!

Now, back to the recipes!

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